We all want to stay independent as we age. We want to do stuff at home and outdoors without worrying. We want to know that if anything does happen to us, our loved ones will know immediately. Now we can.

Protects you anywhere

Hexagon Innovation offers wearable technology that relieves worry about elderly people by detecting unusual events, falls or distress wherever they occur.

Simply Wearable

  • Looks after you anywhere, 24 hours a day
  • As easy to use as a wrist-watch.
  • Lets the family know if anything unusual happens.
  • Keeps your private life private.
  • Battery lasts a whole year.
  • Does not require installation, WiFi or any equipment. It’s just a simple watch.

How it works

Our watch is equipped with motion sensors. It creates a personal profile and notifies when anything unusual happens or if something routine doesn’t happen. In case of emergency, such as a fall, the watch alerts family members.

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